Dependent Education Benefits – Who Knew?

Free Tutoring?  Really?…

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Moves can be devastating for our children.  School.  Friends. Homelife.  Stress. Anxiety……

When my son was five we moved from Gagetown to Edmonton. We showed him the brochure of the West Edmonton Mall and he was all in!  Pirate ship in the mall?!!!  Are you kidding?!! AWESOME, LET’S GO!

Unfortunately the promise of pirate ships no longer works when they are teenagers, and that ‘awesome’ wears a little thin.

When we were in Gagetown a neighbour told me about Dependent Education tutoring….. (say what?!!!)  How is it possible that we had been living this army life for 15 years and didn’t know about it.  I asked hubby to ask the orderly room about it and they hadn’t heard about it either.  (Chief Clerks are God’s in my opinion – if they don’t know about it then nobody does!)  After a little digging we found out that it does exist.

This is such a raw subject for me.  My very bright child needed to go back a year in school based on the deficiencies of one province’s education.  (enter Mama Bear).  I even have a lovely lame letter from the Minister of Education of that province thanking me for my concerns and that he was sorry for my son’s issues. (my son’s issues? – they did no science, social studies, reading or writing from January to June, just conversational french… How is this a recipe for success?)

Enter Children’s Education ManagementThis is a department that falls under DCBA (Director Compensation and Benefits Administration) who’s sole purpose is to assist military families navigate their child’s education.  Most of their benefits are for OUTCAN postings but there is help for In-Canada issues.  There are even two guidance counselors that are more than willing to help you with any issues that you might have.  (Andrea Smith assists families with last names from A-K, and Carolle Coulombe is the counselor for L-Z)

So here is the summary:

If you move your child from one province to another and there is a deficit in their education due to that move and they are falling below provincial expectations – there is money for you.  It must be a deficiency related to a change in the curriculum from one province to the next (and can not be because of a program change, sadly this excludes french immersion programs).

In order to access this money you must do a few things.

  1. Get a letter from the current principal stating the following:
    1. That the student’s deficiency is related to the curriculum change
    2. Include a recommendation of the number of hours that the principal believes are required per week to get the student up to the Provincial average
  2. You must get three quotes from qualified teachers with teaching certificates.  They will reimburse the average of these three quotes.
  3. Bring these things to the Orderly Room and quote CBI (Compensation and Benefits Instruction) Chapter 12 Article 12.1.03 (4)

And that’s it….  No kidding!!!  The benefit has been there all along!

But Wait!  There’s More!!!

If your child is in grade 11 or 12 and is gutted that you are moving to a new province, Dependent Education will pay for his room and board as well as two return trips back to the family.  Even within Canada!

The 2014/2015 benefit was $1680.37 per month for lodging and $634.13 per month for board (with receipts).

Nobody wants to leave their children behind during these critical years but it is good to know that if you do get posted there are options.

Did you know about this benefit?  Do you think you will take advantage of it the next time you move?

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  1. Sandra Jager

    May 7, 2016 at 8:25 am

    What? This exists? My son’s family is in desperate need, with two children more than one grade level behind after a move from Alberta to Ontario. I only wish this had existed back in 1996 when we arrived in Quebec with two children, grades 3 and 4, who did not speak a word of French. They did not adjust well.

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